Monday, August 1, 2011


SKETCHBOOK_0006 by broken toys
SKETCHBOOK_0006, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

Sketchbook -
Top Left - idea for a photgraphic portrait ... close up, face partially hidden by hand holding neck of violin.
Ribbon/belt loosely wrapped and cascading down. pocket watches and skeleton keys hanging from end. pins and buttons across top hat. skull with bowler in background .... veeery skeeery.
Top Right - idea for sculpture/wall hanging. Face/partial head(no back) and upper torso(no back). texture of rough twisted metal ... heart cut out cleanly ... buckles and rivets as needed.
Lower Right - werecat gypsie wearing military coat. My what big claws you have ....
Lower Left - Never too many studies of Victorian beauty -
Center - Mask idea. heavy eyeliner bleed(down and to the right). Melted, twisted metal across top of face and part of halo. Amanda Palmer eyebrow(1). Other eyebrow pierced and hooped.ear ring dangling with beads, feathers, skeleton key and other jinglies. doll mouth. buckles and rivets as needed.

I decided to collect all of the sketches and concepts I have been spilling onto the page ... the result being .
eddie wilson presents: STEAMPUNK Sketchbook.
Some of these will be finished as drawings or paintings or sculptures or even costume pieces.
The book itself will be available soon.

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