Tuesday, October 11, 2011


dr-lazarus-armour by broken toys
dr-lazarus-armour, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

"... MacCruimin joined my other two squires in attaching the pauldrons, rerebrace, vambrace, couter and gauntlets - my sarcophagus was almost complete. I was wrapped in skin and skin and skin again - leather and steel and more than steel - yards of tubes and wires - hydraulic arteries and electric veins.
I tested my body; shoulders, arms and hands, inside the robot I wore. Each movement pushed a trigger, triggered a lever, tripped a switch - and the leviathon was alive - mimicing my slightest gesture. Thirty-two months to find 13 perfectly matched estonium spheres, so very evenly spaced. They took the bulk of the weight - steam power took the rest.
I felt the temperature rise as the lifesblood of my machine coursed through her - vaporized water at no less than 500 degrees. Now I had my muscle.
I realized my three friends had worked steadily without word until at last, mooring chains were removed -
"Tha's it then.", MaCruimin broke the silence.
Blackwater walked up to me like a priestess at a temple. She held out my helmet - a final offering for an uneasy god. I looked for her smile to send me on my way. If she only knew what power she held - more than my contraption - more than the sum of its rivets and gears.
But it was too much for me to ask - from the last moment we may have together. I tried to smile - maybe to reassure her - maybe to simply spark a mirrored response.
I couldn't smile either.
"Here is where I should tell her how much she means to me - Here is where I should tell her I love her. ..."
I put my helmet on and felt a bead of moisture run the length of my cheek.

I am sure it was perspiration."

an excerpt from my steampunk novel,
"Broken Toys"

also cool: Had way too much fun debuting the costume in the Saturday hallways of Archon 35. Thanks to everyone who took the time to photograph and/or compliment ...


HAND-of-GLORY-1011 by broken toys
HAND-of-GLORY-1011, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

As with most legends, The "Hand of Glory" has several similar versions. Some say it is in the beginning to be made with the severed hand of a criminal(or a thief or a murderer).
Some say it is to be the left(latin - sinister) hand, some say the hand that "did the deed".
The hand is to be taken when the criminal is still hanging at the crossroads and some add that a lock of hair will also be needed. The latter to be made into wick(s), for then the hand becomes a sort of candle. A candle that lights a household for the bearer only, while it keeps sleeping residents asleep and holds any others paralyzed ... it is of course a favourite among thieves, but often at a great cost.

I have made this version in the newest of scientific fashion - guaranteed to light and shine brighter than the old temperamental dark magics ...
Of course I would never use such a villainous tool. I just wanted to satisfy an inventor's curiosity. Then again, one never knows when such a thing might come in ... "handy."

SIGN-Broken Toys

The sign read "Delicious Artwerks - Dark Delights - Dangerous Curiosities". The wall around it was made with rusted metal wire and crushed satin(the color of blood) and there were everywhere, so many "Broken Toys", we could hardly contain our lust for the intensely unnecesscary; death rays and lightning sabres, ancient masques and odd signage, a hand of glory, a typewriter that wrote in magnified images of the past and future, and a lamp made from a human skull ...
It was as beautiful as a funeral dirge, as a black rose ... as a death rattle.

We brought all of our favourite "Broken Toys" to ARCHON 35 this year. My wife and I were invited guests. I had over 30 pieces in the art show and a table in "Artist Alley". ... also ran the new armour through her paces - to much success. See other ARCHON entries for more twisted details.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Our table in "Artist's Alley" at ARCHON 35. Since I had my new illustrations and paintings in the art show, I displayed the sculpts and mods at the table.
Had much fun talking to the fandom and getting so much positive feedback on the masks and signs and other creepy, cranky things I am driven to build when no one is looking ...

Fans took home a big chunk of the new "Steampunk Sketchbooks" (both I and II)
and we completely sold out of "1000 Steampunk Creations".