Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SIGN-Broken Toys

The sign read "Delicious Artwerks - Dark Delights - Dangerous Curiosities". The wall around it was made with rusted metal wire and crushed satin(the color of blood) and there were everywhere, so many "Broken Toys", we could hardly contain our lust for the intensely unnecesscary; death rays and lightning sabres, ancient masques and odd signage, a hand of glory, a typewriter that wrote in magnified images of the past and future, and a lamp made from a human skull ...
It was as beautiful as a funeral dirge, as a black rose ... as a death rattle.

We brought all of our favourite "Broken Toys" to ARCHON 35 this year. My wife and I were invited guests. I had over 30 pieces in the art show and a table in "Artist Alley". ... also ran the new armour through her paces - to much success. See other ARCHON entries for more twisted details.

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