Tuesday, October 11, 2011


HAND-of-GLORY-1011 by broken toys
HAND-of-GLORY-1011, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

As with most legends, The "Hand of Glory" has several similar versions. Some say it is in the beginning to be made with the severed hand of a criminal(or a thief or a murderer).
Some say it is to be the left(latin - sinister) hand, some say the hand that "did the deed".
The hand is to be taken when the criminal is still hanging at the crossroads and some add that a lock of hair will also be needed. The latter to be made into wick(s), for then the hand becomes a sort of candle. A candle that lights a household for the bearer only, while it keeps sleeping residents asleep and holds any others paralyzed ... it is of course a favourite among thieves, but often at a great cost.

I have made this version in the newest of scientific fashion - guaranteed to light and shine brighter than the old temperamental dark magics ...
Of course I would never use such a villainous tool. I just wanted to satisfy an inventor's curiosity. Then again, one never knows when such a thing might come in ... "handy."

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