Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ex mysteria invitation

First invitation to espy the closely guarded secrets of "ex mysteria".
What faces do they wear?
What powers do they wield?
What are their true intentions?
What should I bring?
I mean my bean dip has always been a crowd pleaser, but maybe this calls for a hot dish, but then you have to worry if there will be an available outlet for the crockpot ...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Calamari-pg6-crop by broken toys
Calamari-pg6-crop, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

Detail from a 6 page proposed "Heavy Metal" short called
"CALAMARI: A Love Story".

I found it suprisingly Hemingway-esque not only in its brevity and action,
but in its exploration of how one young couple expresses their love for each other ...
he - by murdering anyone that comes between them . . . and his gifts of fine jewelry.
and she - by appreciating his differences as strengths . . . and his gifts of fine jewelry.

also cool ...

I have written and illustrated two previous stories for "Heavy Metal Magazine"
"Wake of the Tyra Li" March 2001
"Stickboy" - January 2007

... and before I close the subject completely, I just want to add that this IS my personal contribution to the high demand and low return for Giant Squids in American Literature today. Take heart, American Giant Squid Lovers - I am listening.

hush II

hush II by broken toys
hush II, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

hush II
second in a series,

“When you lie in bed , close your eyes,
for soon they come from darkened skies,
their mouths are locked, their secrets owned
stealing children from bed and home
So spy them not, don’t eye their faces
lest they take you from your sweet warm places.”

Merely a nursery rhyme (albeit “Grimm”)to keep children sleeping.
But the legend of the “Hush” creatures goes beyond the tooth fairy. This new found artifact has scholars and scientists debating the origin of the legend with theories ranging from “Ancient Atlantean Guardsmen recovering their scattered descendants” to “Otherworldly beings forced to hide their visage as their true angelic appearance would drive any human mad with delight”.

All above from a story I am putting together.
All masks will belong to a different character.
All will look broken and worn, but on closer inspection, one will be able to see there was a beauty and craftsmanship to the original. Only now the beauty is lost to the ages, as is the secret origins of these quiet beings that live a secret life in and among us.