Thursday, March 1, 2012


Calamari-pg6-crop by broken toys
Calamari-pg6-crop, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

Detail from a 6 page proposed "Heavy Metal" short called
"CALAMARI: A Love Story".

I found it suprisingly Hemingway-esque not only in its brevity and action,
but in its exploration of how one young couple expresses their love for each other ...
he - by murdering anyone that comes between them . . . and his gifts of fine jewelry.
and she - by appreciating his differences as strengths . . . and his gifts of fine jewelry.

also cool ...

I have written and illustrated two previous stories for "Heavy Metal Magazine"
"Wake of the Tyra Li" March 2001
"Stickboy" - January 2007

... and before I close the subject completely, I just want to add that this IS my personal contribution to the high demand and low return for Giant Squids in American Literature today. Take heart, American Giant Squid Lovers - I am listening.

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