Monday, August 1, 2011

NAUTILUS concepts - Sketchbook

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - best Verne ever. And growing up with Disney's Nautilus and James Mason's moody portrayal of the villain/hero/villain was an amazing inspiration. I drew out my version of the real star of the the story and then added a steam/paddle ship for scale. Then I quickly realized the submarine should be twice the size in comparison.
I reworked the dive suits to have not only a great lobster tail/swim fin for propulsion, but decided a single giant crab claw would come in handy too.
The robot looking thingy with the half sphere wheels might be an interior worker drone or a high risk area (radiation) suit.
The little mono wheel driver and his friend in the lower right corner are completely unrelated to the book but had the occasion to be drawn on the same page ...

I decided to collect all of the sketches and concepts I have been spilling onto the page ... the result being .
eddie wilson presents: STEAMPUNK Sketchbook.
Some of these will be finished as drawings or paintings or sculptures or even costume pieces.
The book itself will be available soon.

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