Monday, August 1, 2011

BIG WHEEL - Sketchbook

Sketchbook - BIG WHEEL by broken toys
Sketchbook - BIG WHEEL, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

Growing up, our neighbors had a big wheel and we did not. I really, really wanted a big wheel. They kept putting the brakes on in the same place until the plastic wore flat on one side.
I don't know why I told you that.
This drawing evolved from the machine. The machine evolved from many attempts to draw the mono-wheel vehicle(which many have built in real life). I finally decided to move the driver outside of the wheel and make room for a larger engine. Old number 7 boasts a spherical boiler, twin stacks and a coach lamp on the tail. Fender ornament and brass inlayed control levers available on LE models only.
This could also be titled, "Miss Addison's Wild Ride".
Although, who exactly Miss Addison is and what she is doing tearing through the unsuspecting streets of Manchester is beyond me.
I decided to collect all of the sketches and concepts I have been spilling onto the page ... the result being .
eddie wilson presents: STEAMPUNK Sketchbook.
Some of these will be finished as drawings or paintings or sculptures or even costume pieces.
The book itself will be available soon.

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