Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Steampunk-arctic-explorer-1 by broken toys
Steampunk-arctic-explorer-1 a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

I like the idea of basing steampunk in the historical limitations of the technology of the day. The end result should be recognizable from the turn of the century and still something never seen before.
Here the truck can traverse an icy plane if fitted with "wheel skis" and hub extensions(these were really used). The robot/walker is built to kneel in the bed of the truck until inaccessable terrain warrants it's use.
A powerstart from a trailered generator, a few loosed "tie down cables", and one last surveyance(and peek at the map by the financier) and the exploration continues. Robot/walker complete with bell jar observation cockpit, archimedes screw arms, hand to hand motor control, exposed gear systems for maintenance accessability. (The rest of the small convoy, including crew carriers and the posh land yacht for the monopoly guy, not shown).

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