Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Pendant-group6-310 by broken toys
Pendant-group6-310 a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

Charms -
These handsculpted beauties recall the art nouveau style of "la Belle Epoch".
Some beaded, riveted or bejewelled accents bring a delicate detail to the richly antiqued pewter finish.
Embossed words sum it all up your mantra -
Handmade and One of a Kind -
All pendants are based in an heat cured polymer clay, coated in enamel. Set on an aluminum plate(2"x1"). Various jewels, beads and metal sundries adorn the individuality of each piece.
Waxed cording and a circular metal clasp.

Find the one that speaks to you and find an added strength and clarity in your day.
"Truth and right and beauty and love surround us ...
we've but to open our heart and let them in."


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