Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Baby Machine / color
The title speaks for itself ... for what girl in the pinnacle of her womanhood - no matter how beautiful, how soft, how ultimately feminine in the act of creation doesn't, at least once, feel like she is lost to the cold gears of inevitability - and there is nothing left of her except a "baby machine."

A crazy, fun piece done in the steampunk style to exagerate the clunky, overwrought, mechanical part of a robot in direct opposition to the gentle innocence of the girl. The subtle skeleton key? One of my favorite symbols of the hope of there being an answer ... no matter the question.

Also a black and white version of this - look for it.
8"x10" color print available for purchase

No watermarks on finished art of course!
Ships in plastic sleeve in heavy carboard mailer.
(Free shipping)

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