Tuesday, May 10, 2011


admit one 1 310 (12) by broken toys
admit one 1 310 (12) a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

Found in the wunderkammern of an eccentric victorian collector of dark history,
we present ...
"Admit One"
The simple yet purposefully innocent looking "machina d'morti".
Lost in a footnote of history, these began appearing throughout England and allied europe just before the "Great War". Few exist today as most were, well ... quite frankly, exploded.
An unsuspecting citizen would see the most enticing metal face, full of promise and escape and more importantly - a free ticket to one of the succinctly "greatest shows on earth".
Either a pulled ticket or a pushed button would just as easily activate an electrical charge of such magnitude as to destroy most anyone and anything for up to a city block.
Survivors descriptions only served to explain the gruesome mayem after the damage was done. As many as 100 pieces were believed to be spread through 12 countries faster than any warnings could be ...
Gypsies were immediately blamed and outbreaks of vigilante violence escalated daily.
Confessions in the form of 14 letters written to the "Times" were published after the single culprit had already taken his own twisted and cowardly life.
You may see artist renderings and reproductions folks,
but believe you me - this is the genuine article.
Only one in existence.
Functioning?(only pull the ticket and find out)
Makes a great gift for those with an appreciation of practical jokes and strange history and horrid death.

disclaimer: the lawyers(and my wife) just informed me I better tell you, none of the above stuff is true ...
except the part about not knowing what would happen if you pulled the ticket -
a scary, attractive steampunk assemblage piece by eddie wilson.

all art and characters and made up stuff,
copyright eddie wilson.

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