Thursday, March 3, 2011


welcome to whisperstudio - quietly bringing you timeless adornment, dangerous curiosities, majikal charms and delicious artwerks. All original and handcrafted by me. Inspired by a lifetime of faery stories, dark villains and the promise of a happy ending . . . suaviter in modo - fortiter in re.

This is the introduction to my etsy site. It's a good introduction for this blog.

There you will find little bits of alot.
My name is Eddie Wilson and I always find it hard to describe what I do.
Whenever list what I do -I write, paint, draw, sculpt, photograph ...
I always leave something out.

So, now when I do, I will just add it here.
Look for individual pieces, background information, behind the scenes looks and inspirations.
Welcome to my journey.

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