Thursday, March 3, 2011

Broken Heart

Broken Heart 510 by broken toys
Broken Heart 510 a photo by broken toys on Flickr.
Broken Heart ... this copper monstrosity has seen the worst of it. Stress fractures, dents, dings and missing rivets are all here on the tarnished patina. Test tubes labeled "Superior Vena Cava" and "Pulmonary Artery" hold a mysterious liquid that is not quite the blood we might be familiar with. A 5 mil syringe is installed to replace the "Aorta" itself. And multiple wires wind around the other contacts and electrodes. This one has obviously been rebuilt and rebuilt again.The key to the heart is always available but not always in use. At one point, the simple label "Broken" has been stamped directly into the body. But don't be fooled kids - This one is going to keep on ticking.

It has made it this far, hasn't it

Wonderful results of a steampunk inspiration I had.

Also cool -
Just sold this one.
Even better news ... now I have an excuse to make a new one.

Also cool -
This and some other artwork of mine are in the new book
to be released in May 2011.
320 pages, 1000 illustrations
$25, $5 s&h .... Contact me if you are interested in a copy.

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