Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bone Masters

bone weapon 035 by broken toys
bone weapon 035, a photo by broken toys on Flickr.

This is a prop for cover artist Gene Mollica. It is a 'bone weapon' used by characters from Thomas E. Sniegoski's 'Remy Chandler' Series. Used by the race called the 'Bone Masters", here is a quote from the book ...

"The weapon was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. It appeared to be made out of yellowed bone, and looked almost like the intact skeleton of something that had once been alive, petrified into the shape of a gun."

And . . .

"From what we've been able to piece together, the Masters have somehow genetically engineered an animal, that once dead, becomes their professions chosen weapon of choice. They bond with these mysterious animals on a psychic and physical level from childhood, and when coming of age, ceremoniously slay the animal, and peel away the flesh to reveal the weapon specifically bred for them."

Will post the final image when cover is finished. Go get 'em Gene.

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