Tuesday, April 3, 2012

dark knight rises color 312

Hi Broken Toys -
We are sorry, but your design 'Storm Warning' has been rejected and will not post to our Voting section for the following reason:

The Dark Knight - Did Not Meet Minimum Standards: Your submission has been rejected for The Dark Knight Rises Official T-Shirt Design Contest due to the fact that your design did not meet the minimum quality criteria for Design By Humans. Please take some time to look at the contest rules and only submit your very best work. Your design will go through a minimum of two quality screenings to make it into the final rounds viewed by Warner Bros. If you are unfamiliar with Design By Humans, spend some time looking in the shop and voting sections to get an idea of the type of design and style that make it to our online voting community and that get printed.

... oh well,
you win some -
you 'get rejected less than an hour after submission on what I would personally call a solid design' some

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